Terms of Use

Most of the assets that you can download in this site is subject to the CC0 1.0 Universal License (Public Domain Dedication). In layman’s term, you can build on, remix, reverse engineer or use the assets freely in any of your project may it be commercial or non-commercial. However, you cannot claim yourself as the one who made the asset that we are providing.

In any case that you built on and/or made changes to the asset or you used it in a remix and the likes,  you can claim the sum total product as yours as long as it has a noticeable difference to the original asset.

Additional thing to remember is, you are not required to give attribution to us but it will be appreciated. We also make no warranties about the work, and we disclaim liability for all uses of the work, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


As long as there is no indication in the description of the asset that it is under another license like GPL for example, the asset is automatically subject to the CC0 1.0 Universal License.

You aren’t required to give any attribution to us but if you wish to do so, we recommend that you give credit to “UR Studios” and you provide a link to this site. (E.g Long Winter by UR Studios  – www.indieteur.com)