Unity Networking is somewhat confusing

So, last week, right after I finished the Tower Defense tutorial by Brackeys, I jumped into his tutorial about how to make a Multiplayer FPS, just to try it out. I was actually thinking back then that I wouldn’t go far as it is a “multiplayer” game. For me, it means that you need to have someone to test your game with but as the series went by, I was proven wrong of course. In fact, I was able to finish the whole thing and I am really glad about that. Another week, another game done!

Anyway, I was full of hope that I would really learn a lot about networking if I watch the series. Networking and Web Development is probably the only one thing related to computer-stuffs that I do not have much knowledge about. And, it’s a topic that I generally try to avoid (Don’t really know why.)

And, yes, I would say that I learned a lot about networking in games. I learned the general concepts about Server and Clients and how they interact with each other. And then I also learned how to sync Game Object’s positioning, rotation and animation across different players over the network and also saving scoreboard related data on a Database on a server and retrieving it. (I already kinda know how to do this though.).

However, I’m still confused about the whole thing in some ways like is there even a difference between a SyncVar and a variable declared on each instance of a Game Object for different players that are managed/changed by a ClientRpc method called by the server? Or, when should you tag a method Command or ClientRPC? And, when should you call them? (Actually, looking these up now in Google. Haha.)

But all in all, personally, I think the Multiplayer FPS series was better than the previous tutorial series that I followed as I really learned a lot and it wasn’t a recap of things that I already know.

Anyways, I don’t know what’s the next thing that I’ll be doing because frankly, I actually am feeling burnout watching/following tutorials which are  about creating video games.

I was originally planning to put my whole time into making video games but it’s really hard for me to stay motivated throughout the development process. I am just one of those people who easily lose motivation. I think the best kind of projects that fit me are those that do not take much time to finish.

So, I’m sort of decided now that I want to make free simple but useful tools, plugins, music, assets and all that for the people out there (especially Game Devs). Making those shouldn’t take awhile.

Right now, I think I want to learn web development as I intend to create my own website to host my creations. Once I have setup my website, I also intend on using it as my blogging platform instead of this one.

Also, one last thing, I kind of want to change my “brand name” as I think it’s way too generic. I don’t know what the new name will be yet so stay tuned! 🙂

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