Make sure you learn the basics first

So, I started using Unity Engine again to make video games after spending most of my time using RPG Maker MV since last year. When I opened up Unity, it felt like I am starting up a new program as I haven’t really used it for a long while.

Basically, I had to re-learn the basics. I remember years back when it was actually my first time using Unity, I watched the tutorial videos by Brackeys (specifically, the 2D pong tutorial. You can check out his channel here!) just to be able to learn the ropes but I was impatient back then, after I finished watching it, I quickly jumped into making games.

To be honest, I was a bit of a quick learner anyways so it wasn’t really that bad. I was able to make a game or two in just two months although, they were just basic casual games. I never released them to any store as I treated them as a hobby project.

After a quite while, I released a game to and gamejolt for the first time. The game is called Space Traffic Control. (You guessed it right! The game is basically like an Air Traffic Control Sim but it is like a futuristic one where you are monitoring the traffic of space crafts instead. If you want to check it out, you can view it here!)

Anyways, after I made that game, I stopped making games for awhile as I focused on my day job after as it was really getting hard for me to juggle with my responsibilities. But after a few months, I decided to return to the scene but like what I have said in my previous post, I started making a game called Architect using RPG Maker MV.

But, I called it quits as it was really hard to make and my motivation was being drained really quickly. I just didn’t have any talents in writing dialogues and just that I got demotivated by the fact that there’s so much unprofessionally made RPG maker game in Steam. It’s just oversaturated.

I made my decision after that. I switched back to Unity and I am really doing my research this time. I do not wish to make any games first. I am currently in the process of learning the basics and everything that I can about Unity. I’ve been watching tutorials and following them. I’ve already made two games based off from the tutorials and I’m quite proud of the end product. It is really motivating to finish something.

Hopefully, once I’m confident enough, I’ll be able to start making games again. And, I wanna make sure this time that I make games which I could finish by making sure that I have a detailed plan and that I only create games that I know I can make based on my skills and limits. Lastly, I want to put an effort in doing marketing too. I’ve heard that this is really what sets successful games from the ones that failed.

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