3 weeks of Game Dev’ing

This week, just like what I’ve been doing since two weeks ago, I was following a tutorial by Brackeys on YouTube on how to make a video game. The tutorial that I was following this time was the one about Tower Defense. I completed the whole thing yesterday and it was really fun.

The most important thing that I can remember is probably using Serialized Field instead of Public Fields when you don’t want the field to be accessed by other scripts but you want it to be editable on the inspector. This is something that I really didn’t know. I’ve always been using public fields and I thought that is the only way to make something pop up in the inspector.

Another thing that I didn’t know about is the fact that the Unity UI can actually be positioned to such as that it acts like it exists like an object that you can rotate and reposition on the World Space. I’ve always thought that the UI is always attached to the camera like some sort of HUD but that isn’t true.

Besides those two, there isn’t really much new that I’ve learned. Most of the thing that the Brackeys guy did on the Tutorial is things that I already know or things that I knew but I’ve forgotten. But, that isn’t a bad thing, I guess. I mean, you still have to practice your skill so that it doesn’t get rusty.

Anyways, currently, I’m following his tutorial about how to make multiplayer FPS game and I’m on episode 16, I believe. I think I’ll be able to before the end of Tuesday next week. Fingers crossed!

I still have much to learn before I start making games again, probably. But, lately, I’ve been thinking that I should probably just make free assets/plugins for people instead. It’s just that I think it’s more rewarding and that Software/Assets nowadays all have a price tag.

I was looking around the asset store and it’s hard to find free assets. This is kinda sad when you think about those people who invest money to these stuff to make really cool games and when they release this game, no one actually wants to buy what they’ve made. Their money is just wasted.

So, maybe, instead of competing other developers, I would make tools for my co-developers instead so that they’ll be able to make more games without investing that much money so that the risk they would be taking will be less. I just don’t know.

We’ll see what my decision would be.

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