Unity Networking is somewhat confusing

So, last week, right after I finished the Tower Defense tutorial by Brackeys, I jumped into his tutorial about how to make a Multiplayer FPS, just to try it out. I was actually thinking back then that I wouldn’t go

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3 weeks of Game Dev’ing

This week, just like what I’ve been doing since two weeks ago, I was following a tutorial by Brackeys on YouTube on how to make a video game. The tutorial that I was following this time was the one about

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Make sure you learn the basics first

So, I started using Unity Engine again to make video games after spending most of my time using RPG Maker MV since last year. When I opened up Unity, it felt like I am starting up a new program as

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Just redesigned my blog

I have decided to redesign my blog. I changed the name to UR Studios as I am not just making music anymore (Previous name of blog is The Music Asset). I will also be making video games and maybe applications

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